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January 17th, 2005

05:09 pm - Say hi!
Youhei's player saying hi! ^-^ I won't bite (although i can't say the same for Youhei...) so pimp me on AIM at starsnkit or MSN at esther _ egg @ hotmail.com Will love to see u guys!

Btw, Youhei is the new Hi!Magazine co-editor who does a lot of snooping and loves dishing the dirt on celebrities (he prefers groundwork). Oh, did i mention he has a 'Hate' List too? *grins* but not to worry, he's a really nice guy if you don't mess with him. ^-^
Current Mood: crazycrazy

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January 6th, 2005

05:32 pm - Hi everyone
OMG! I'm so happy ya'll have started the comm back up. I was real worried maybe ya'll had stopped for good. I look to play with ya whenever I can get online. Even if I never really play too much with ya'll or nothing. Sorry if I been gone fer so long, I was with family fer the holiday. Ya'll can catch me here or email me at ooishi_wa_ichiban@yours.com

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December 30th, 2004

12:50 pm
here's a thought:

ao to cap to bin.

enough said.

let's put some life back into this rpg.

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December 28th, 2004

05:27 pm
Post Makeover 'tobe...*sighs and rolls over to die of embarassment* I know...it sucks...*swears to learn how to draw eventually*


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11:26 am - OOC
Riiiiiiiiiiiiight, okay. The level of inactivity is making Ore-sama sad and bored, and as I know another term of school is beginning and the holidays are winding down, it would be a good time to restart this rp. So, in the name of my errant muses, who is out there? We should get this badboy on the road again, and spread the word. Can I get a "word up?"

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December 22nd, 2004

04:54 pm
I've have been really busy these days with school and the holidays. Plus my parents are bugging me about how I am always sitting in front of the computer. Sorry>_<;; I made a deal with them that I will get good grades or else-_-;; So.. Im trying!!

I'll do my best to come back now and stay on! I missed the community~
Current Mood: windblown
Current Music: 7princess - Love Song

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December 9th, 2004

07:47 pm - Computer issues
OMG, just when I was getting a chance to be online more, my computer had a problem. Turns out it's not a memory issue, although that didn't help matters. There is a problem with the mouse chip. So no mouse or the touch pad will work. This means I can't log into my computer. Which is of course what one has to do to fix the problem. We're taking it into the shop either this weekend or tuesday. I will see you all soon hopefully. T_T

Miss you all.

Great way to spend the 2nd day of Channakah, eh?


I know I'm not jewish! Shut up! *runs off to cuddle sick computer*

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December 3rd, 2004

12:41 am - *coughs loudly* *waves her arms*
Okay minna, seeing this place so silent makes me sad and I've decided to be a responsible yeah, whatever good mod and prod everyone to see who's still alive.

So yeah, uh... role call!

I know some of you are busy with finals and all that, but I just wanted to check if I still have everyone ^^;;;;

I miss this comm so much, I don't want to let it die (we still have lots of crack to RP T_T *paws*).

If for any reason any of you can't play anymore or wants to drop, just let me know (but that would make the Ame very very sad, since she loves her RPers .___.).

Let's try to keep this thing alive? >.o
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: Days Of Moments - Fuji and Taka :D

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November 12th, 2004

05:57 pm - Something fun...
For those of you who haven't seen it, or who can't afford (or read) 20.5 (like me!), I present you with...

Enjoy, all!

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November 1st, 2004

02:00 pm - Spam for my amusment and yours.
I don't know what comms everyone is on on LJ, but I have a fic that was once a harmless bedtime story. I've told a couple of you this story before, but just wanted anyone who was bored and hanging around to be entertained...an boost my ego perhaps. So, enjoy!

Night TennisCollapse )

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